Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.
Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to companies big and small in order to engage and retain customers. It’s easy for businesses, especially startups, to cut corners and let a few tasks slide. Website maintenance can easily become one of those things as it doesn’t always present immediate issues. However, just like your health can fall apart if you go too long without a regular check up, so can the health of your website.

What Are the Steps in Website Maintenance? A Quick Checklist

There is a laundry list of tasks that should be done to keep your website running smoothly. The most time-sensitive of these are website security updates and patches. Without these, your website has the potential to be an actual danger to those who click on it. With that in mind, here is a list of website maintenance tasks that should be completed regularly:


  • 1. Check that all of your pages are loading without errors.
  • 2. Run a backup and make sure a previous version of your site is stored.
  • 3. Make updates to website software and plugins.
  • 4. Check that all of your forms are running properly.
  • 5. Remove any spam comments from pages and posts.
  • 6. Check your pages to see if there are any broken links.
  • 7. Search for 404 errors and fix or redirect.
  • 8. Write one or more blog posts to keep your community engaged and encourage SEO traffic.
  • 9. Test your website on all devices and browsers to see if it displays correctly.


  • 1. Check the load speed of your website and ensure that nothing is bogging it down
  • 2. Review your security scans and make sure nothing is out of place
  • 3. Analyze website statistics from the previous month
  • 4. Check your blog to see if there are any articles that could be updated
  • 5. Review your website design and structure – can be it improved
  • 6. Check graphics and images – should anything be updated?
  • 7. Test and tweak popups, forms, and calls to action.
    8. Review your workload for efficiencies to see if anything can be automated.
    9. Test your website on all devices and browsers to see if it displays correctly.


    1. Update any reference to the current year.
    2. Review each page for content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevancy.
    3. Check any active email addresses and see if any are excessive and can be deleted.
    4. Ensure that your website domain name is renewed.
    5. Consider whether a website design update is due.
    6. Review all of your top performing blog articles and see if they can be updated with new content.
    7. Review advertising and marketing campaigns to see if anything needs to be changed or updated.
    8. Restore a previous version of the website to check your backup health.
    9. Review SEO and meta titles and descriptions to ensure they are as effective as possible

Our Website Maintenance & updating packages

Looking for a monthly website maintenance package for your business. With our customizable, monthly plans, it’s easy to keep your company’s site secure, up-to-date, and functional for users. You eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring,updating and maintaining your website.

S/No Features Grad A Grad B Grad C
1 Full Maintenance & Updating All pages 80 % pages of the site 50 % pages of the site
2 Weekly CMS Security patches Yes No No
3 Daily Security Scan Yes Yes Yes
4 Urgent CMS support/restore if website is hacked Yes No No
5 Monthly full-site backup Yes Yes Yes
6 Site Restructuring & Redesigning Yes Yes Yes
7 Regular Site Content Updating & creation Yes Yes No
8 WordPress CMS quarterly upgrades/security patches Yes Yes Yes
9 Search Engine Optimisation Yes Yes No
10 WordPress CMS quarterly upgrades/security patches Yes Yes Yes
11 Social Media Account management Yes Yes No
12 Review advertising and marketing campaigns Yes No No
13 Review advertising and marketing campaigns Yes No No
14 Checking site loading speed and performance Yes Yes Yes
Ugx : 400,000 per month Ugx : 300,000 per month Ugx : 200,000 per month

Why Is It Important to Do Website Maintenance?

Companies often delay their investment in website maintenance services. Your website, however, can have a tremendous impact on your business, even if you operate online. That’s why site maintenance is so valuable (and critical) for companies across industries.

Customer experience

If your website is gaining traction and traffic, it’s important to keep those potential customers. If they aren’t able to find what they are looking for, current information and relevant content, there is a good chance you’ll lose interest quickly.
In order for your website to be the useful tool you want, you’ll need to ensure it is free from typos and grammar issues, has any and all information a customer could want, and looks engaging and consistent.

Search Engine Optimisation

The whole point to starting a business is to have customers, clients, or an audience. To drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to keep it regularly updated. Google wants to rank websites that have the most relevant and up-to-date information on their search engine results page . They may even de-index your website entirely if it hasn’t been updated recently enough and if they suspect it has been infected by malware. You must keep your website regularly updated with current content, news, keywords, and articles in order to rank well in search results.


This is the single most important reason to keep website maintenance on your radar, particularly if your website is storing any form of customer information. If you are using a website building platform like WordPress or Wix, you must ensure that you are installing regular software updates and security patches. It can be easy and attractive for hackers to find and target websites that have sat dormant for too long.

Your Sanity

our website is a very important element of your business. If it is up-to-date and running smoothly, it can be a valuable support and asset. If it is not in a good state, it can cost you dearly. Once you are behind on your maintenance needs, it can be quite the process to bring the website back up to speed. Sometimes, if your maintenance has been ignored for too long, it is easier just to scrap everything and rebuild from the scratch.

Corporate Image

It’s becoming more and more simple to create a website that looks well-designed and professional. There is an expectation for a professional website from professional companies. If your website doesn’t deliver on the promise of professionalism, your customers will often go elsewhere.

Keep up with Trends in Design and Technology

The sleeker your website is, the more you’ll convince potential customers that you are their ultimate choice. If you’re staying on top of your website maintenance, you’ll also have the opportunity to be an early adopter of new website technology that will help the back-end run more smoothly. If you’re installing software updates regularly, you’ll be able to take advantage of new features that install along with the updates.

Cost Saving

Ignoring your website’s health for a long time can result in an accumulation of issues and problems. Improper site maintenance will lead to downtimes or complete loss of business. If multiple things go wrong, you’ll need to spend thousands of dollars to fix them. So, it’s always a smarter idea to invest in web maintenance services and continually keep your website healthy and error-free.

Business reputation

Customers are on the lookout for a business that they can trust. However, a poorly maintained website with many broken links, outdated content and dead pages is a customers repeller. They will get the impression that your business is irrelevant, old-fashioned, and insecure. So, if you want to present your business in a positive light and establish yourself as a secure and innovative company, egular upkeep is essential. Fix your broken links, produce new content, and redirect your old pages. Only by doing so, you’ll succeed at making a good impression and gaining your customers’ trust.


The functionality of your website coordinates with your site’s usability. If a functional feature of your website, like a navigation bar link, becomes broken, it decreases the usability of your website drastically. That’s why some businesses invest in after-hours website maintenance services. Even if you opt for monthly or hourly website maintenance plans, you can improve the functionality of your website. If a website feature becomes broken, for example, you can minimize your website’s downtime too

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